When you first arrive home from hospital with your bundle of joy, the best family meal is usually one that’s delivered to your door by a very thoughtful sister, neighbour or friend. There really is nothing nicer, and once you have been the recipient of this thoughtful gesture, you will always know what to do for someone else in that situation – arrive with a prepared meal and you will always be welcomed with open arms.

So what are good meals ideas for a new family in those first few weeks? Think of something that will re-heat well, as you may be called from the table by a crying infant just as dinner is about to start.  But also remember you need to eat too, so if someone else can settle the baby in another room for a few minutes, allow them to do just that while you eat your meal.

healthy meal ideas for new fmaily

One-pot-wonders: probably the best idea of all at this stage, having a pot of stew, casserole or bolognese to serve with some quick pasta on the cooker means you can quickly reheat a bowl when you get the time. But be aware of food safety and put it in the fridge once it has cooled down or freeze portions in smaller portions for use over the coming days/weeks.

Vegetable Soup – even better if it is homemade. With some wholemeal bread you can have a warming meal in minutes, at any time of the day.

Quiche –  Send your partner or friend out to buy a nice deli quiche and it will feed you both for a couple of days. Heat up a slice and serve with a mixed salad of green leaves, tomato and cucumber.  Tasty and filling, it will keep you going if the lack of sleep is getting you down.

Wholemeal bread with grilled topping – a quick to prepare lunchtime meal. A tuna melt on wholemeal toast with bubbling melted cheese on top or a grilled  ham and cheese sandwich will keep you going till dinner time. Add a colourful fresh salad on the side for a fibre and vitamin boost.

If you would like to chat further about your diet why not contact one of our Nutritionists.

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