Probably the best known of all the vitamins, vitamin C is widely associated with supporting your immune system. But did you know it also works hand in hand with iron in your diet to ensure your body can get all of the goodness it needs from the iron? This is really important during pregnancy for healthy blood but also as it supports baby’s normal brain development.

So what do you need to eat to get your daily quota?  Eating more fruits and vegetables is the simple advice to get you over the line for VItamin C, focussing especially on the following foods:

One large orange can contain about 70mg of Vitamin C so you are nearly home and dry before you have any more of your daily fruit and vegetables.

Remember, 5-a-day is what you should be choosing from your favourite fruits and vegetables, and if you do this you will have no trouble hitting the vitamin C jackpot.

Vitamin C also helps to absorb iron from certain iron rich foods like dark green leafy vegetables

As mentioned above, vitamin C also helps to absorb iron from certain iron rich foods like dark green leafy vegetables. So, if you’re having a selection of vegetables for your evening meal and a glass of pure unsweetened fruit juice or some tomatoes or peppers as part of your meal, not only will your vitamin C levels be increased but you can count on your iron levels being up too!

However, just a reminder that Vitamin C is destroyed by boiling foods for a long time as it leaks out of the food into the cooking water (boiling cabbage or broccoli for example).  So to boost your Vitamin C, choose dry cooking methods like steaming or baking to keep all the nutrition inside!

If you need some more nutritional advice, do contact our Careline.

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