Between 6-9 months soft finger foods will give your baby lots of chewing practice. As they become more independent, by offering finger food it will teach your baby how to self-feed and improve their ability to chew, a skill which will go a long way in aiding your baby’s speech development as well as allowing them to develop their diet.

First Finger Foods

The following are examples of healthy first finger foods that your baby will love:

baby with finger foods

  • Softly cooked vegetables like carrot sticks, turnip, parsnip, butternut squash pieces
  • Softly cooked pasta shapes
  • Soft pieces of fruit like banana, peach or melon
  • Stick of firm cheese like cheddar


Finger Foods for 6-9 Months

Other suitable finger foods from 6-9 months (once you have tried some of the softer options above)


  • Buttered toast fingers
  • Finger of toasted cheese on bread
  • Raw sticks of cucumber
  • Soft cooked florets of broccoli or cauliflower
  • Strips of freshly cooked meat like beef or chicken


Finger Foods for 9-12 Months

Once your baby reaches stage 3 of weaning (9-12 months) you can offer them firmer and harder finger foods which will help develop their chewing skills even further. Some suitable foods at this stage are:

finger food

  • Unsalted crackers
  • Unsalted rice cakes
  • Small portion of plain scone
  • Small pancakes
  • Fruit slices – apple, orange, mango etc.
  • Cubes/triangles.slices of firm cheese
  • Cooked chunks of vegetables like sweet potato, carrot

It is important that you do not leave your baby alone when feeding.

If you’ve any other questions about this, or would like to talk to an expert about any food related questions you may have, do contact our careline.