Well, so much of your baby’s successful sleeping through the night comes down to you and how well you establish a structured bedtime routine. How you go about that, all depends on what age your baby is.

0-3 months old

In the early few weeks your baby will sleep a lot, waking usually only for a night feed. During the early stages your baby will sleep on average 16 hours within 24 hours and will continue to wake for night feeds until around 3 months. You may sometimes feel you are on a merry-go-round with constant feeding, changing and preparation. Rest assured there is sleep coming your way soon!

3-6 months old
It's definitely nap time

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to introduce a bedtime routine. A consistent bedtime routine will help your baby become more settled in the evenings. The more relaxed your little one is the more likely she will go to bed without fuss and fall asleep.

Follow our 6 easy steps to a good bedtime routine


  1. Wind down with a warm, calming bath
  2. Turn down the bedroom lights as a cosy atmosphere will let your baby know it’s time to quieten down
  3. Turn of the TV and avoid other noisy distractions
  4. Play a quiet game or read a bedtime story
  5. Give your baby some warm milk which can help settle your baby by providing a warm and satisfying end to the day
  6. Kiss your baby goodnight as your touch and smell will help them feel safe and secure.

Try not to let your baby get in the habit of falling asleep during a feed. Teaching them to fall asleep on their own will encourage them to fall back asleep should they wake during the night.

6-12 months old

A consistent bedtime routine will help your baby, mum and dad settle at the end of busy day.

By 6 months your baby should be able to go the night without a feed. If they haven’t started, you can gradually begin to teach them by leaving longer stretches between each night feed. Be consistent with your responses. Don’t send mixed messages to your baby by bringing them into mum and dads bed one night and leave them to cry it out the next night. A consistent bedtime routine will help your baby, mum and dad settle at the end of busy day.

Tops tips to survive your baby’s late night antics

  • Accept a helping hand
  • Share the night feeds if possible
  • Make time for mummy – take a relaxing bath before bedtime
  • Sleep when baby sleeps – house work can wait!

Every baby is different, so do not panic if a particular routine isn’t working. Try to be patient and go with whatever works best for you and your baby.

 How much sleep does my baby need?

Age of your baby Sleep per 24hrs Nightime sleep Daytime sleep
0-3 months 16-18 hours 8-10hours 3 naps of 2-2.5hrs
3-6 months 15 hours 10 hours 3 naps of 1-2 hours
6-9 months 14 hours 10-11 hours 2 naps of 1-2 hours
9-12 months 14 hours 10-12 hours 2 naps of 1 hour

And if you’ve any further questions about getting your little one into a good sleeping routine, do contact our Careline