You may be tempted to use your pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever you fancy, whenever you fancy and you are probably using the excuse that you are “eating-for-two”. But unfortunately, this particular popular phrase is a myth!

You don’t need to eat twice as much when you are pregnant. However, you do need to eat twice as well! Eating healthily and not overdoing it will benefit both you and your baby in the long run. So if you find yourself reaching for that extra biscuit or tucking into an extra portion of dessert just stop and think about your future baby’s health.

You don’t need to eat twice as much – but do try to eat twice as well!

You actually don’t need any extra calories in your first trimester. In your second trimester you need an extra 350 calories and in your third trimester an extra 500 calories. This is not alot in the grand scheme of things and it can be easily reached by just 1 or 2 extra healthy snacks.

Think about the types of food that you are snacking on as well. Now that you are pregnant, you need to choose foods that are high in vitamins and lower in processed sugars and fats. Choose lots of fresh foods, fruit, vegetables and wholegrains and steer clear of highly processed, packaged foods – these foods tend to be higher in calories and fat and may leave you with extra weight to try to deal with after your baby arrives.

Some healthy snack ideas are:

  • Two slices of wholegrain toast with a small tin of baked beans
  • A wholemeal pitta with tomato and lettuce
    eating for two
  • A bowl of vegetable soup
  • A small portion of pasta with tomato based sauce
  • A small tin of tuna flaked through a salad or spread on crackers
  • Rice cakes with peanut butter
  • A yoghurt and banana
  • Hummus and vegetable sticks
  • A fruit and veg smoothie

So you don’t need to eat for two – just choose wisely and keep it fresh for the best chance of hitting the healthy eating target. Check out our pregnancy recipe section for some ideas.

For some more advice on healthy nutrition in pregnancy, why not contact our Careline.

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