A lot of women tell me that going through labour is the best contraception ever. The mention of the word contraception or having sex again within those first few days after giving birth usually sends women (and their partners) into hysterical laughter.

Another baby may be the last thing on your mind but surprises come when you least expect them. The main thing to remember is that your period could return at anytime in the first 6 weeks after giving birth so don’t get caught off guard.

Most women do wait until their 6 week check up at the GP to talk about contraception, but if you are very anxious ask the Midwife for advice before you are discharged.

Doctor with laptop and woman in doctor's office holding baby

There are various types of contraception and it is important to talk to your GP about each type and decide what is best for you! You will need to tell your GP if you are breastfeeding as certain contraceptives cannot be used while breastfeeding.

Ladies also remember there is no form of contraceptive that is 100% effective so it’s really important that you follow the instructions for use to the letter of the law. If you have any doubts take some extra precautions.

For further information speak with your health care professional