Cluster feeding is a normal part of breastfeeding and not a reason to be concerned about insufficient milk-supply. This is what demand feeding is all about.

During the early months many babies cluster feed. This is having feeds close together at certain times of the day (usually evening) and maybe sleeping longer at night or another time of the day.

Most newborns will feed 8-12 times daily in order to get enough milk. Breast milk is digested in 1.5 hours, quicker than formula milk, hence the reason they feed more frequently. Breastfed babies also take a smaller volume of milk at each feed.


Colostrum is present until day 3-4 and then the milk becomes more plentiful. This is when the body begins to shift into the production of mature milk. This transition takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Within the first month of breastfeeding most mothers notice a softening of the breast and this indicates that milk production is stabilising – a lot of mums worry that their supply has reduced when this happens but it just means that the milk is fully established.