Your body will go through lots of changes during pregnancy, this article will help you prepare for some of these.

Breast Changes

Often changes in the breast are one of the first changes you may have noticed since becoming pregnant. It is normal for your breasts to feel fuller and also quite tender. It is also normal for your nipple and areola to become darker in colour.

3-4 weeks

You probably won’t notice any change at this stage as you may not realise you are pregnant! But you may feel a prickling and tingling sensation due to increased blood supply particularly around the nipple.

6-8 weeks

Your breasts will increase in size and may be painful, tense and nodular (Lumpy), this is due to increase in milk ducts. You may also notice veins in your breasts become more visible.

8-12 weeks

Your nipples and the area surrounding your nipple called the Areola will become prominent and protrude more. This area may also become darker in colour.

16 weeks

Amazingly you begin to produce Colostrum or first breast milk at this early stage! So you may not be leaking but be reassured that you will have a plentiful supply for Breastfeeding.

Late Pregnancy

Colostrum may leak from your breasts so be prepared at all times! Not all women experience this, so if your breasts are not leaking it does not mean that you won’t have milk to feed your baby.


You find your hair becomes brittle and dry, and no amount of conditioning will help! Here’s the science… When you are pregnant the amount of growing hairs to resting hairs is increased, so by the end of your pregnancy you will have many over aged hairs. These hairs can then fall out in ‘Handfuls’ after you deliver your baby. Don’t panic think of it as getting rid of the old making room for the new.

Increased body temperature

your body during pregnancy changes to expect

‘Feeling the Heat’

It’s not all in your head, a rise in temperature of .2c-.4c occurs when you become pregnant. You may find that you sweat more and this is your bodies way of coping with the extra heat that your Placenta and your baby are creating.

Spiders veins or their proper title Angiomas

Those fantastic pregnancy hormones are at work here again! Due to increasing hormone levels you may experience small red elevations on the skin on your face, neck, arms and chest. There is no real reason for them to occur and they usually disappear after pregnancy.

Varicose veins

A lot of women experience varicose veins while pregnant. Hormones cause the walls of some veins to relax and increased blood flow in the whole body then cause these veins to bulge.

Try and avoid sitting or standing for prolonged periods and exercise regularly. In some cases support stockings may be recommended by your Midwife/Doctor.

Stiffness and swelling in your hands

Swelling in your hands can and does happen quite often in pregnancy. If the swelling is causing you pain or a lot of discomfort talk to your GP/Midwife.


And you thought the extreme tiredness would start when baby is born!

Fatigue or feelings of overwhelming sleepiness can occur at any point in your pregnancy. Commonly women usually experience fatigue in the first and third trimester.

In the first trimester fatigue can be caused by hormonal changes and also your baby’s organs are all developing

In the first trimester fatigue can be caused by hormonal changes and also your baby’s organs are all developing and in fact have developed by just 5 weeks into your pregnancy. This tiredness usually does resolve during the second trimester but can reoccur in the third trimester. Fatigue in the third trimester is usually related to your growing baby. Your body is also metabolising food at a faster rate in order to prepare you for labour and breastfeeding.

If you would like to chat about these changes, contact our Careline.

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