One of our most common queries on the Careline is – how much milk should my baby be drinking from his or her bottle? While there is no hard and fast rule as every baby is different, we have put together a recommended bottle feeding guide from 0-12 months.

Every baby is different and the amount you feed your baby.

Every baby is different. The amount you feed your baby will vary depending on a number of factors including age, weight and appetite. It is normal for some babies to take more or less feeds than what’s recommended in our bottle feeding guide so don’t worry if it varies.

Baby feeding bottle

Bottle Feeding Guide

This downloadable Bottle Feeding Guide provides a guide to how often and how much you should feed your baby, relative to their age. If your baby is premature or has a low birth weight, their feeding requirements will be different. Your public health nurse or GP will be able to advise you if you are at all unsure.

It can be difficult, particularly initially to develop a feeding pattern. This is completely normal and particularly in the first few weeks it is best to feed on demand.

If you have any questions about your baby’s feeding habits, contact our Careline.