by: Gillian

I learned I was pregnant just around the time I started back full time (covering my boss’s maternity leave…. YIKES!) My two girls are in school so I organised my working hours to start early at 7.30 and finish at 4.30 and then half day on Friday. I feel then that I’m not missing too much of their day. The hardest part is not seeing them in the morning and I quite often stand at their bedroom door in the morning just listening to them breathe …. Sounds a little creepy when I write it down!!

The house or rather the state of the house is a whole different thing!! I am not a particularly neat person (apparently it’s a genius sign ha ha), but I do like the basics done, floors hoovered, bathrooms cleaned, just a bit of general tidiness, but mayhem does not even begin to cover it!!! I guess working full time is hard enough, but on top of that growing a little person inside you & whoa, don’t even think about me picking up those shoes in the middle of the sitting room, (anyway my bump is preventing me from doing that too.) I have to shut the door on the ever increasing mountain of clothes in the laundry room that are begging to be ironed……aggghhhhh

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be admitting that I am looking forward to when I have time to do the housework! Although I’m sure the impending arrival will have something to say about that.