Exercise, remember that? That was that thing I used to do before my pregnant belly got in the way of sit-ups and as for after the babas arrival – there were weeks there where doing up the laces on my runners seemed like a challenge. Now, 3.5 months in I’m beginning to think about it again – this has a lot to do with the fact that I have a suitcase full of clothes I banished to the spare room last year that I’d like to wear again someday!

Before baba I considered myself reasonably active. I had a gym membership I actually used and running was my head leveler. During pregnancy swimming was a godsend and prenatal yoga counted as exercise. I have friends who bootcamped their way to 38 weeks and were back at it only a few short weeks after giving birth. Fair play to these ladies, however, I also salute any new mum who manages to get washed, dressed and out the door for a walk before midday.

Getting out for those walks definitely counts but I’m finding I am naturally tending towards wanting to get more active. I’ve started mum and baby yoga and it is good fun – turns out there are still some abdominal muscles in there somewhere. However, aside from the physical benefits of exercise I want a break from playing roly poly and peekaboo. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with the baba but I also think its very important to make some time for yourself – and why not exercise during this time, its better than going for tea and a bun (note – I’m a huge fan of tea and a bun, it is essential to find time for that too!)

I’m lucky that I have people I can call in at this stage in order to get myself moving again. The grandparents are being deployed once a week so I can go for a swim and I’ve decided that instead of subjecting myself to watching the champions league this year I’m going to try and go running or something similar during the matches. The other half would be watching it anyway and has already perfected the art of combining child minding and sport watching beautifully so this idea might just work.

So, what’s my exercise goal? For starters, I’d like to be able to fit into my own running tops soon as oppose to having to borrow a stinky boy one from the other half. There’s a pair of jeans I’d really like to be able to get back into by Christmas. That’s pretty much it, the marathon running can wait until next year, or the year after…..