by: Sinead

My husband keeps slagging me saying ‘you’re just not cut out for this stay at home thing…’ he is only messing – honestly he is! But in fairness the house is upside down and I just find it hard to get time to do anything. I keep saying to myself – ’next week…!’

I’ll get that spare room sorted for Jessica,

I’ll sort out the toys that are everywhere,

I’ll have a clear out of my wardrobe so I can put some clothes away,

I’ll start stocking up dinners in the freezer, so there isn’t the 5pm panic of what’s for dinner….. ha ha!

My excuse to myself is that if someone would just take the kids for a day I’d really get stuck in, yeh right! Anytime one of them are taken off my hands I get a quick tidy up done and get to have some lunch – sitting down! and maybe relax for half an hour with a cup of tea. Then before I know it the mayhem has started again. I just don’t get how some people can have more kids and a household that is clean tidy and all in order? What exactly am I doing wrong??

Sometimes yes there are times in the day that I could be doing washing, or cooking etc but then I like to make sure Jack is busy and not stuck in front of the TV – something that is becoming a constant battle with him. Or simply sit down and have a cuddle on the sofa with him while Jessica is asleep so he gets some, one to one time too. I don’t know I’m definitely missing something – there just aren’t enough hours in the day – well my day anyway, ha ha!

If you have the key or any tips PLEASE share, I’m desperate!!!

PS: one little trick that I think is genius that a friend introduced to me is as follows – after washing bed sheets etc, when dry, fold the duvet cover, sheet and any matching pillow cases into one of the pillow cases, so all you have to do is pull out the pillow case and you have a complete set ready for making the bed, so you aren’t pulling the hot-press apart trying to figure out is that a single or double fitted sheet and where is the other pillow case to match that duvet cover!

I’ve started doing it and it really works – now I just need to sort out the rest of the hotpress – I’ll add that to my list, ha ha!!