….Ok, so I have not been shopping for an actual wedding dress but for a dress to wear to a friend’s wedding – which brings me neatly to shopping for clothes when you are pregnant.  I have been fortunate enough in life so far to have stayed roughtly the same size since my late teens so shopping for me has always been a ‘smash and grab’, type of affair – the same size from most shops will do the job.  Oh how this has changed in the past 8 or so months.

Not a problem I thought at the beginning, I’ll just hit the usual shops and get some basics – they will all have a maternity range right?  It seems not.  Now, I know online shopping is all the 21st Century rage but I just don’t fancy it myself – I may like to shop quickly but I also like to try on everything before I buy, very 20th Century of me.  I have been quite surprised by how many well known shops don’t seem to stock maternity wear and for the one’s that do it seems to be racks and racks of jeans – most with those scary looking ‘over the bump’, bits that kind of freak you out when you are 12-16 weeks pregnant but are the absolute business when you are 35 weeks pregnant (I may find it difficult to get out of them post Peanuts arrival).  Jeans are great, but not necessarily for work, except maybe on the odd Friday when you really have nothing else clean.

So, what did I end up buying – boring black trousers.  They are ‘fine’, but I have grown out of two pairs and am down to the last line of tailored defence.  Also, a few dresses.  If you are going to buy dresses I recommend not turning sideways in the changing room – eh shocker!  Don’t get me wrong, there is something very nice about finally seeing that big old bump coming along but the first glimpse in a crammed changing room can do funny things to a girl.  Maternity tights are a must – and very comfortable.  As are maternity leggings, which you can just about get away with in work with a dress and some pumps.  H&M and New Look became my new best friends for tights and leggings – cheap enough for you to be able to outgrow sizes without worrying you are spending a fortune.  How much you spend on scones resulting in the need to keep buying bigger sizes is, however,  a different story…..

Back to the wedding dress shopping – do not do what I did.  I bought a dress about two months ago.  It’s lovely and even a small bit stylish.  Two days before the wedding = disaster.  Dress is no longer lovely or stylish, it’s stretched in all the wrong places and borderline indecently short.  Help!  Help came to the rescue in the form of a recommendation by a friend to try JoJo Maman Bébé.  I wish I had known about this place six months ago.  A treasure trove of reasonably priced finds awaited me.  I tried on four dresses and could have bought them all.  In the end I settle on a long number that was not only comfy but also hid the cankles (which never cease to amaze and alarm me) perfectly and allowed for flat shoes.

As for the other dress – it might do a turn with leggings if I get really desperate in the last few weeks…….