I wrote a blog a couple of months back about how the baba and I had started weaning and how great it was going. Well karma came back to bite me a couple of weeks back when the baba refused to eat anything, and I mean anything for a week or so. My initial thought was that this of course must be my fault and as such I must be a terrible mother.

In reality, I’m not a terrible mother. So why did the baba suddenly turn her nose up and the various cubes of smush I’d lovingly prepared. I don’t actually know the answer to that but there were, I think, a few contributing factors;

1. The clocks changed – the hour went forward and we opted for the ignore it and carry on as normal approach. Yeah, it turns out even at nine months changing lunchtime by an hour can be tricky. Unsettling isn’t the word.

2. Growth spurt – I have to be honest here and say I never really noticed any growth spurts before now but apparently one hits at nine months and the books say your baby can be ‘unsettled’. Again, unsettled isn’t the word.

3. Teeth – it seems to me that almost all of this kind of stuff can be out down to teething. Hard to say for sure but upon close inspection this morning I think the baba is working on either two monster teeth or possibly four (I don’t know if that is even possible – I may be over estimating the size of the monster teeth).

4. A cold – There has been a bit of sunshine lately and I lost the run of myself and took the baba out without a hat one day. Big mistake, I was rewarded with eight days and nights of a river of snot and a rather unhappy baba, especially when she couldn’t drink her bottles.

Indeed, it has been a challenging couple of weeks. A screaming baby at every mealtime is not great but thankfully one day out of the blue last week – as I was mentally preparing to embark on et another weetabix flinging session – the baba took one look at the spoon and opened her mouth without protest.

Things are definitely getting back on track but if the baba has learned anything in the past few weeks it’s what she likes and doesn’t like. For example eggs will still result in a meltdown and I haven’t had the guts to try fish in a while either….. But we will get there 🙂