by: Sinead

For a good while now as part of the nightly routine, Jack has been sitting on the toilet and doing a wee before he gets his nappy and PJ’s on for bed. He also moved rooms in the crèche and is in with older children some of which are either trained or potty training. So after consulting with the girls that look after him in the crèche, the consensus was to give the whole potty training thing a go! This is something I’ve been dreading for a long time!!!

We went and picked out a potty, a pretty standard one now I have to say, I’m not into paying a load of money for a singing and practically dancing potty that seems huge that I don’t have the room or budget for! The potty is for downstairs, I already had a toilet seat that he has been using nightly upstairs. Other than that all I bought were pull ups? Jack seemed delighted with his new ‘big boy pants’.

Now you think I’d have read up on the matter and mentally prepared myself, but to be honest I just never got round to it, so I was winging it a little. All I knew was from friends who had told me not leave the house for the weekend and to sit him on the potty every 15mins – how hard can that be?

The weekend went ok, his enthusiasm fluctuated depending on tiredness etc. but I was happy with the progress over the two days. For the first time ever I was actually glad he was going into crèche on the Monday morning, ha ha! After a couple of days they requested some proper pants for him. In my head I’m saying ‘proper pants are you mad it’s only been a few days….’ So that night after he was in bed in a panic I was off to the shops buying a stock of vests that don’t close under the bum (I forgot all about needing them and the poor lad had been wearing the same one vest of that type that happened to be in the house) and packs and packs of pants and a few spare tracksuit bottoms (as I reckoned they’re quick and easy to pull up and down). Over the course of the week I’ve been back to buy a few more tracksuit bottoms…the washing is endless, ha ha! In fairness to him, he is doing well and he is only just over 2 years old so its early I’m told for a boy (I’m not sure why?). But there is definitely no going back now; he won’t look at a nappy.

I also bought a stamp and ink set to give him a stamp every time he goes on the potty/toilet and he loves that….so far so good, but I reckon it’ll be a long journey!