by: Sinead

Well I can happily report we made it to Spain, it only took 3 years to get on that plane but the weather is fab so worth the wait.

The cutest thing though was when we were leaving the house to travel to the airport, I lifted Jack from his cot at 4.30am and as we were going down the stairs he woke, lifted his head from my shoulder and looked at me and asked ‘holidays?’, I said ‘yes we are going on our holidays’….well that was the end of the sleep for him, he was so excited – I honestly don’t give that child enough credit, I never really thought he fully got it!

I was shocked at how good he was on the plane too – the portable DVD player went down a treat, I also had stickers and a colouring book so he was constantly occupied between all that and the food breaks!

We are in Nerja in Spain which is a beautiful place, really family orientated, not a destination now if you wanted a wild break away but lovely and relaxing. What has really struck me is that we don’t take Jack swimming enough, he loves it, pool, beach, no fear, can’t get enough of the water! So even though I’ll be as big as a whale, with my expanding bump, I am going to buy a maternity swimming costume when we get back and we are going to go swimming more regularly as a family (well that’s the plan!).

My one gripe about this holiday though and this really applies to anywhere is the ‘children’s menus’! Why of why is everything fried or with chips? The options are chicken/sausage and chips or battered chicken and chips, pizza or sometimes pasta…..not a potato or vegetable in sight! As a nutritionist by day 3 it was starting to get to me….so much so that when we were out for a walk one evening I noticed a fruit and veg shop, so while my parents and husband were having a drink in a bar, I popped back out and bought a load of fruit (which is extremely cheap in comparison to here)! I suffered the slagging for the sake of trying to make sure Jack has a healthy snack over the next few days, and the others appreciated the juicy tasty fruit the next day too! It made me feel a little better anyway.