by: Pippa

Like the list for hospital, there are loads of lists for the stuff you need in your house. I did end up getting only a few things – a sleeping cot, one good batch of vests and babygros, cellular blankets, muslins and a good changing table that won’t break your back – and waited until we met our little baby for the rest. So far, so good, we’ve actually been surprised how little we’ve needed, and how you can pick things up along the way.

These are things I didn’t find on the lists which I wish were….

Snacks that are easily accessible

Fruit that you don’t need to chop, snack bags of nuts and dried fruit and all that. The odd treat that has fewer bad fats than the others. All easily to manage one handed! Because it’s either that or a barrel of chocolate which isn’t going to help.  One of my sisters found a great recipe for flapjacks which were a Godsend. We’re still ordering repeat batches of these and it’s been months since she started. Bet she’s regretting bringing that first batch over now….!

A waterbottle

You cannot fathom the amount of water you’ll need when you’re breastfeeding. I’m drinking around 3 to 4 litres a day (and I would have been around a 1 litre kind of gal).  A good idea is a decent waterbottle that you can keep refilling, as it’s the easiest way of getting the water into you, one handed (oh how your life is one handed…!).

Little ‘bins’ for all the rooms you’re going to use

We ended up getting a bin for each room I’m using here – one for the bedroom, her nursery, our sitting room. It’s amazing the fiddly little things that need a bin and you’ve got a baby in your arms!  And it ain’t just nappies….it’s just all the stuff!

A lightweight basket for all your stuff

Your phone, your book of tracking feeds and nappies, snacks, handcream, breast pads, remote control, muslins – all need to go somewhere and easily. I have a little basket with this stuff that I transport between the bedroom for overnight and the sitting room during the day.

Saline nasal drops

We got a bit of a shock when our daughter started to sound really snotty and weezy at night – honestly, she sounds like an old sailor who has retired from the merchant navy and smokes 40 Major a day. Supposedly it’s just something that happens in the first few weeks as they get used to breathing and all that. Those nasal drops are a real Godsend – well we found it cleared her little nostrils right up.  Which was a good thing for her nostrils and our ears….