We have all heard TV is bad for children right, so presumably it is bad for baby? Cue some googling on my part and, as ever, there is a plethora of information out there about the dangers of TV and how I might be permanently damaging my eight month olds brain by having the news on in the background.

I do not mean to be overly flippant. I totally accept that too much TV is not good for baby – its not good for anyone. To be fair, this is one of those situations where, I think, common sense needs to be applied – babies are so curious so it stands to reason that it’s probably better for them to play with those toys that encourage learning and interaction and not just watch TV. Just lately, trying to eat the living room rug is a favourite past time – its definitely interactive but I’m not sure it’s a skill I want to encourage her to learn.

I don’t think I have the TV on a lot when baby is around, if its on most of the time we tune to RTE Junior radio via the tv which provides good background noise, well I think it does anyway. That said, I have noticed that baba has picked up in what I do watch. Here is where I admit to watching a bit of a well known morning show (especially the fashion bits – although I don’t think I will ever be convinced to wear high-wasted wax jeggings, ever). The theme tune of said show will illicit a head turn from baba in the direction of the box. She doesn’t seem all that interested in it though and will return to trying to shove Sophie the giraffe into her mouth after a few seconds. I’m also a big fan of the news in the evening. Whatever she is doing will be put on pause by the baba when the angelus comes on – those bells are amazing apparently. The subsequent appearance of Bryan Dobson is also truly exciting, she is a big fan.

These little things are funny, cute even but even I know that plonking a baby no matter how young in front of the box is probably not ideal. I’d like to think I won’t do it as she gets older but there will not be zero TV either – clearly this young baba is already keen to keep abreast of current affairs!