by: Gillian

There is a side of me that naughtily thinks I can eat what I want when I’m pregnant, that worrying about weight gain is something that can be put off until after the birth.

Some websites tell you that the additional calories that you need when you are pregnant is equivalent to one banana, ONE BANANA! Hand me a bunch of bananas, dipped in chocolate, with a side of crisps and pickles please! I seem to be constantly hungry, lunchtime is the worst, and I find myself starring at the empty plate after demolishing my wrap, thinking to myself, what will I eat next!!

One thing I am conscious of is getting my 5 portions of fruit & veg, and 3 dairy portions a day. I am very lucky to work in a company that provides fruit for its employees and there are yogurts available too. My way of ensuring that I get my daily allowance is to get a little bowl & wash 5 pieces of fruit & bring it to my desk, that way  I happily munch on it throughout the day, and I know that I don’t have to worry about that element of my diet.

Now if I could only hide the biscuits when I get home!!!