by: Sinead

The last month has been crazy! Between getting Jack settled with his preschool and child-minder, attempting and failing at toilet training him at night (after 7 nights and constant washing, we realised he just isn’t ready yet, he is perfect during the day but at night he is out for the count), my GP not getting a heartbeat for the baby at an antenatal appointment (apparently it can happen at 14/15wks, a week later it was loud and clear) and me being an emotional wreck at the thought of going back to work – when my mother in law tried to give Jessica a biscuit (full of sugar- in front of her nutritionist of a mother) well I nearly lost the will to live, ha ha!

So apologies to everyone who left me great advice on double buggies and suggestions for baby names on facebook, it didn’t go unnoticed I was reading them all. Thank you!!

I’m back at work and I just find it hilarious every time someone new even outside of work finds out I’m pregnant – the reactions are priceless! You can see them mentally trying to work out how old Jessica will be and then looking at my little bump and well some just don’t try to hide their horror, ha ha!! In the meantime I continue on the lovely comfortable road that is called ‘denial’! I just keep saying to myself, I know it’s going to be mental so what’s the point torturing myself now thinking about it too much, I’m the type that will just get stuck in and get on with it, sure what else can I do!!? I’m not the first to have exactly a year gap between children and I certainly won’t be the last, ha ha!

On another note, I’m starting to feel flutters these days. It’s so reassuring when you get to this stage in pregnancy, because till now you don’t feel anything and just have no idea, so feeling the baby give a little flutter really helps when feeling anxious.

Now as things all start to calm and I’m getting used to the madness of getting out to work every morning….the Christmas cheer begins! I love this time of year!!!