by: Pippa

Packing away her first sets of baby clothes

It was just too cute. And life was moving so fast. I still get a bit of a pang as another outfit is packed away – particularly all the lovely cardies her Nana has knitted her. It feels sometimes like she was just getting into it and now she’s outgrown it.


Moving her into her nursery for the first night

You would have thought she was going to college. It felt like that to me.


Her first hour at nursery

The trauma. You can read more about that here.  By the way, my daughter absolutely adores crèche and has since that first hour. It was me that was hot mess.


Every ad on television that has to do with young kids and that ‘sweet moment’ bit with their parents

For the first few weeks, it was every baby in every show. Now it is only every child as they interact with their parents in any which way. The sweet ‘I love you Mum’ moments send me over the edge. I’m like Niagara Falls, if a major waterfall was to sit on a couch in their pyjamas with a cup of tea.


Moments that take my breath away when I think just how much I love her and that she’s growing every day

There’s many a time that I just have a little cry – usually when I’m bringing off to get her nappy changed. She’s just in my arms, babbling away, and I realize that she’s my little girl and is growing so quickly. And just how brilliant she is. (Especially when she sleeps more than six hours overnight.)

I’m going to be a nightmare at the school plays and graduations. And at all stages of this. And I realize now why my mum had tears in her eyes at so many moments of my life too.