by: Pippa

Weaning has been such a lot of fun. It’s funny –  I had expected it to be this massive bit of work and quite a Herculean task, but it’s surprised me how much more fun it’s been, more than I ever expected.

Granted the first few attempts at feeding felt like I was at a fairground, trying to squirt one of those water guns into a moving target but suddenly one day, Herself just kinda got it. And then got a little bit interested in it. And then the fun began.

Best things that have caused a good laugh:

The first ever feed

It is quite brilliant to see a human being taste food for the first time ever.  That is a proper first – and one to record!

Kinda ‘sharp’ tastes

You’ve probably seen those videos of babies having a lemon (if you haven’t, check that out on YouTube), but I couldn’t bring myself to do that. And anyway, I didn’t have to go to such an extreme as there were many other foods that did a similar trick!

Green beans….or anything of a vivid colour

I’d never have thought of giving green beans as one of the first foods but it was recommended in a book (see below for the name!) and we were so glad we did. See, when they puree, they go a highly lurid green colour. As my sister wonderfully commented when I showed her a picture of our attempt at feeding green beans: “ it looks like your liquidized a frog and fed it to your child.” It really did. And it’s pretty funny to have as a picture now.  So all really vivid colours are in. They are highly entertaining.

What you may mind – we certainly did – was that books on weaning are great for the weird and wonderful recipes, but less great on how to dish out those meals. Many a time I got the detailed action list of how you puree carrots (boil and mash, I kid you not) but so little on how much to give in those first few days. And even more importantly, when to give them during the daily schedule.  Thankfully, a friend of ours gave us the Neven Maguire book for weaning, which was just brilliant – and highly recommended.

We’re just now at the stage where some of our plainer meals, minus the salt and the stock cubes, could be used for her dinners. Family meals are on the horizon. And while as a kid, I bemoaned the idea of all of us sitting around the table, as an new parent, I’m really looking forward to this lovely milestone of all three of us eating the same meal, at relatively the same time – albeit one of the adults having a slightly more ‘tepid’ meal. But that’ll be more than worth it.