Greetings from my steam filled kitchen, carrots on one side hand blender on the other – that’s right, we’ve started weaning and, believe it or not, so far it’s been great fun!

I surprise myself with the above exclamation. I am the first to admit that this whole looking after a baby thing has been a mystery at best and downright scary at worst. So, I was a little concerned as to how weaning might go.

I didn’t have much of a plan until I came across a book entitled ‘feeding your baby, a day by day guide’. It’s brilliant. It was important to me to make the babas food myself if possible and this gem of a book is basically idiot proof…so far!

So, a couple of Monday’s ago, armed with our shiny new high chair, wipeable bib and little bowl and spoon we gave baby rice a go. Big smiles. Next day carrot. Carroty smiles. Then apple, pear, broccoli, cauliflower, banana and so on. All smiles. Basically the only thing our little goat has objected to is spinach. That’s pretty good going in my book. She continues to polish off her bottles and continues to sleep through the night. That’s excellent going in my book.

Baba clearly loves the grub but what has really surprised me is how much I am enjoying all this. I hold my hands up and say until the intervention of a friend in my mid- twenties potato waffles were a food group to me. I’ve since discovered vegetables and now that I am cooking for the baba the other half and I are also getting more veg in as I get adventurous with the what’s left after making the babas food for the week (except that one time I put marmite in a curry and the other half made me promise never to do that again….). No bad thing considering I still have those jeans I’d like to fit in by Christmas.

I could go on, but I am conscious that the above approach is not for everyone, and that’s ok too. I only have one baby, I’m not working at the moment and I have supermarkets on my doorstep – its easy for me to spend time steaming and blending. It’s not for everyone and there are plenty of other options out there in pouches and jars – do what works for you. Regardless of what you give your baba, you are still going to get those hilarious scrunched up faces when you try a new taste, and they are priceless 🙂

P.s. you know, you don’t even have to buy a book. Aptaclub have some great recipe ideas which I’m planning on giving a go here.


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