by: Sinead

I had to bring Jessica to the nurse for her 2 month immunisations yesterday. I was dreading them as she is still sleeping so well at night and I feared it would all change as a result, some babies are totally set back by immunisations/illness etc. But in fact she was grand, fingers crossed it continues! But not a bother on her…phew!!!

Speaking of her sleeping, I had to start using a grobag/sleeping bag recently as she was kicking off the blanket during the night and I kept waking up to check her and tuck her back in – so I was waking worrying, but she didn’t! I nipped that in the bud and got the grobag out and she’s snug as a bug in it ever since and I no longer wake in the pitch dark fumbling for the nightlight, to see if she is covered up!

The other thing I got down from the attic last week and threw in the wash for her to use was Jack’s old play mat! It had a seriously musty smell but I threw the mat and even the toys that hang down, in the washing machine and they’re as good as new and she loves it. Now she probably will only stay there for a few minutes at the moment, but that will build up with time I’m sure. They start to love all the colours and noises at this stage, so it was time to clog up the sitting room floor again, ha ha! The only thing is, now Jack thinks he needs to get in under too at the same time, the poor girl doesn’t get a minute!