by: Sinead

Everywhere I go now all I can see are double buggies (clearly my radar has been adjusted now I’m pregnant again and will need one of these soon!). So it’s all I can think about at the moment – what a minefield!

My initial thought was that I’d like a side-by-side rather than a tandem but there are so many!! I saw that there is a new one called the ‘Mountain buggy duet’, it looks fab and claims to be the slimmest at 63cms and fits through any door. But like them all it’s expensive and the pram part is extra if you wanted one but it does take a car seat with adaptors, but you have to unzip the seat cover to get it on….ahhh! Because it’s relatively new there isn’t any second hand for sale either in comparison to all other varieties/makes.

My gripe with a tandem e.g. Phil & Ted is that for a new-born you have to use a cocoon and the toddler sits on top – it just all looks a little claustrophobic to me! Yet I can see benefits in that you can take off second seat if you only have one child with you. But if you had both children and the toddler needed to go for a sleep, you can’t recline the seat – can you?! Also, how long would you even get out of a cocoon, they look so small?

I just don’t know what will be more important to me, as I’ve no idea what it’s going to be like having a 1year old and a new-born together. If they were side-by-side would Jessica be constantly at the baby?

I keep changing my mind!