by: Gillian

So Aoibhin’s communion is coming up in May and I realised I have quite a lot to get done!! One of those things is to dress this Mama with her ever increasing tum. And to be honest, it was one I wasn’t looking forward to.

I tried two tactics;

1)      Firstly I navigated my way in and out of many shops, pulling on & off dresses that appeared nice on the hanger, but hung differently on me… I did this one day and I found the whole experience exhausting, it’s not as easy anymore to get in and out of your clothes, I find myself huffing & puffing a lot more than I should be. Although in the end, I bought two dresses, but I felt when I got home that neither was particularly suitable for the communion day. I reassure myself by reminding myself that they were a bargain!

2)      Online – Now let me pre-warn you, I love buying online; however I find with me, that once that “I’m going to buy something” switch is switched on, there’s no knowing where it will end!! Credit card is on fire!

Anyway, back to the shopping…. There are a lot of good websites out there, many of them though are in the UK, and you really need to feel comfortable with the style in order to buy it online. I ended up buying a long dress, this was because I read somewhere that you cannot get spray tan done when you are pregnant, because you might inhale the chemicals that are flying in the air. Now that could be one of the many urban myths that you hear when you are pregnant, but seems plausible to me, so I’m taking it as the truth.

I eventually bought the dress on, which have a huge maternity range, and are very reasonably priced. But did I stop at the dress… oh no, I then went onto eBay, bought the bag, another website for the necklace & bracelet, and last night as I lay in bed surfing on my phone, finished off the outfit with a  pair of earrings. The outfit is complete, but all of it in transit. Fingers crossed it’s as beautiful in reality as it is in my head.

Now back to getting the house straightened out for the big day… my husband’s list of things to do gets longer every day!!