by: Sinead

The calm before the storm – OK deep breath….it will be fine!!

So we had a great 5 nights down in Waterford last week. Faithlegg is lovely and the kids had a ball in the pool, playing crazy golf, tennis and at the playground, it didn’t matter what the weather was like!

But never a dull moment here in our house – guess who has just realised they are pregnant!!! Two pregnancy tests later and a ring around all the local ultrasound clinics to get an appointment for a scan that same evening (I just needed to know how pregnant I was) = 7WEEKS!!

You see I’m not one of these women that have a regular cycle, mine is all over the place and as a result getting pregnant always took time…..until you think it’ll take forever to happen and it happens straight away – typical! Don’t get me wrong we are absolutely delighted, now I’ve calmed down, it was just a bit of a shock.

So all going well, there will be exactly 1 year between them; I’m in the zone – how hard can it be, ha ha!!

So First 1000 Days – I’m back at the beginning again, I’m in the middle and just out the other end of toddlerville!