by: Pippa

So, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, family and colleagues when our baby – it was just incredible. If you’re looking for some gift ideas, here are some of the best advice we can give about what worked well for us!


Dinners, dinners and more dinners

You probably know that dinners for the parents are so welcome.

Well those dinners are best when they are easy to heat, easy to serve, nutritious, freezable dinners that come in containers you don’t care about getting back quickly. Oh these are so gratefully received by parents. For us it was lasagna, beef casserole and cottage pie. They were great – and you can never get enough. Do also think about this a fair few weeks in – parents have always got to eat!


Healthy snacks and treats

Okay, so this doesn’t have to be bananas and dry oatcakes. But do bear in mind that there are usually lots and lots of people bringing cakes and treats with them. They are so gratefully received but after a while, you can hear diabetes knocking at your door. So some kind of variation from heavy sugared treats are gratefully received! A great example of this – one of my sisters found a great healthy flapjack recipe, full of seeds and dried fruit, and made these regularly. They were always gone in a flash when they arrived in this house!


Cleaning vouchers

This is only for a particular kind of pal, but I’ve had friends offer to pay for some cleaning hours in the house. That is a great, great gift but I guess you need to be a certain type of friend to offer this or else, this could come across as a bit weird!


A mobile beautician

My mum gave me this as a gift and it was just lovely. After a few weeks of endless nappies, broken sleep and snatched meals, I found that I was hanging in there alright but was certainly not the ‘put-together’ lady that I once was. And it was going to be some time before I got to put myself together as I was not going to get out of the house to do this. Until the beautician arrived!

It was like I was on my wedding day again – getting a pedicure and manicure, while my Mum hung out with us and minded her grandchild. It was bliss – bliss, I tell you! Have recommended this to a few new mums and they all had a similar reaction. Trust me, you will be loved by a new mum if you give this gift!


A newspaper or magazine subscription

This is something that I bought myself and I found it brilliant. I took out a newspaper subscription so that every morning, the daily paper was on my doorstep. It meant that if my daughter ever did nap in the morning, and I wasn’t in the mood for sleeping myself (I have always struggled with napping on demand!), I was able to nab the paper and indulge in something that I always enjoyed pre-daughter. It just allowed me to keep connected to the outside world and also to my ‘former’ life! Some folk may not like this present at all, but if you happen to have a newsy loving mum, this is a lovely treat. I also got a magazine subscription too that was delivered every month.


Home knitted cardies!

So this may also just me, but I do love a home knit. They are such a lovely personalized gift – my mum is a prolific knitter and I think of her every morning when I pop one of her cardigans on her grandchild. And cardies are the best as they are the easiest to put on…!

One other thing about them – boy to they keep a child wonderfully warm, without having to pack layer upon layer on them, which when you have a wriggly baby is very much welcome!

If you can knit, fantastic – crack out those knitting needles. But you don’t need to be able to knit to give this gift, there are loads of folk who are happy to knit for you. We’ve received quite a few gifts like this, and it’s lovely.


Easy access newborn babygros

You cannot get over how many babygros you get and how many babygros you need with a baby! There is one tip when buying babygros – check very carefully how you put it on or off. It’s all well and good to have a lovely pattern and a cute bunny on it, but if you have to put the whole thing up and over a baby’s head, or if it has poppers on it that are anywhere than down the front of the babygro, put it down and pick up another babygro that does. Because at 4am in the morning,  new parents aren’t interested in bunnies.


Clothes for six months old

We were so touched by how many people got our daughter some really kick ass clothes. And how many commented that “they chose something that they thought we would have chosen.” It was a great way to choose the clothes – rather than what you like, folk chose outfits that we felt we would have chosen if we had been there. And six months out is about right time for proper outfits – though do bear in mind the season. No point having heavy fleece jackets if the baby is going to be six months in June!