by: Sinead

Everyone needs time out with friends to relax and catch up, but when working full time the evenings are too short and the weekends are precious and fly by. How do you decide when one should give over the other?

My little boy Jack has become mad into ‘Thomas the tank engine and friends’ lately, so on Sunday morning after he watched an episode on the TV, myself and my husband decided that we’d take him on his first train journey. After his nap we packed his usual essentials (buggy, nappies, wipes – you know what I mean!) and off we went to the train station.  I didn’t know whether he’d get that he was actually going to go on the train, but he did!! He was so excited and had that fascinated look when waiting on the platform, which every so often broke out into a smile. When we took our seats he was beaming from ear to ear, I couldn’t get over his reaction and then when it started to move he was making ‘choo choo’ sounds and just so excited with a constant smile across his face.

When we arrived at our destination he started to cry as he didn’t want to get off, but when we explained we had to go home on the train too, he was ok with that.

I had planned to go and meet my friends for coffee that afternoon…so glad I didn’t! An afternoon I’ll never forget J

And so the battle between a social life and family time continues. I feel guilty every minute of every day about having my son in crèche five days a week and when moments like that happen it’s hard to justify putting myself first sometimes.  I know you need to every so often but it can be a tough choice.

I’ll just keep doing the lotto, maybe it will happen someday…….!

Image of a Dart Train