by: Pippa

I now fundamentally believe that, like petrol to a car, my child is powered by snot and drool.  The first is mainly generated from being around other kids, or so we’ve found. The second is down to one thing – the arrival of teeth.

After a couple of ‘teething sessions’, there were a few things we noticed:

Poops change

Explodopoo suddenly arrived out of nowhere. Not to get too gross about it but this was a ‘all change of clothes’ kind of nappy change. Yowsers. Even if there were no yelps of pain yet (more on those below), one of these nappies would be a bit of a good sign that a bout of teething was on its way.

Fist in mouth & drooling

Our daughter quickly came up with a new game during teething sessions – the ‘just how much of my fist can I shove in my mouth’ game.

It also seemed like a tap of drool just turned on. Suddenly, long, heavy, dripping strands of thick drool just started to manifest themselves from our daughter’s mouth. Now she wasn’t ‘Turner and Hooch’ levels of drool, but it was quite noticeable. And the only one who didn’t notice was herself – the drooling certainly didn’t not prevent her going about her daily jobs of toy playing and gawping.

Find your own remedy… for us there was one clear winner!

To each their own in terms of remedies, but for us, there is one clear winner – Teetha granules.

I initially didn’t believe that such a tiny packet of powder could do anything but boy does it. Now it is a bit weird to be aiming white powder at your child’s mouth and especially if it goes all over her face, but when it does go into her mouth, the relief was so quick. And so, so welcome. For all of us.

It definitely comes in bursts, with yelps!

You’ll have a spell of teething that arrives out of nowhere. The first one took us totally by surprise as our usual pretty quiet baby suddenly  started roaring. And I mean ROARING. But in fairness, when you think of it – growing a tooth and cutting through a gum is not exactly a walk in the park!

We’d then have a few weeks’ break and then it would start all over again. Fits and starts. We’re on tooth number six now – and I heard these ‘teeth weeks’ don’t stop for quite some time…..

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