As we move into autumn and the weather begins to get colder and wetter, swimming is a great substitute for your daily stroll. It is important to get your baby swimming at an early age from a safety point of view but as well as that it is great fun and good exercise for both you and your little one.

Swimming essentials: Go prepared!!! Top of the list to pack will be reusable swim nappies – accidents can happen! A towel is also essential – towels with hoods are convenient and keep the baby warmer for longer as their head is kept warm. If your baby has started solids, bring a snack for them. They will be hungry after swimming. If you want you could bring a few of your baby’s bath toys to play with in the water. If your baby is anyway nervous this may help relax them as they are familiar.

Make sure the pool is warm enough. Ask the lifeguards if you are unsure. Don’t stay in for too long with your little one either – as soon as they start to shiver that’s your cue!

Baby swim classes are a great idea. Baby swim teachers aim to make their sessions relaxed and fun, and to encourage learning through play. It’s a great bonding experience for Mum, Dad and Baby. Below are some websites which give more information about baby swim lessons and locations. If you have any more tips or websites please share them below!