Feeling confident and comfortable during the summer months is not always easy when you’re expecting a baby. Not only do you feel hot and bothered with temperatures soaring (well to hotter than usual!) but the last thing on earth you feel like doing is spending hours trawling around a stuffy shopping centre. To make things a little easier, why not try shopping online – there are now plenty of online websites such as ASOS, Topshop and New Look that offer affordable and stylish summer clothes that can be sent directly to the comfort of your own home.  This summer there are plenty of outfits that can go hand-in-hand with your bump. Here are a few helpful hints to ease you into a stylish, comfortable and here’s hoping sunny summer!

  1. Regardless of what pregnancy trimester you’re currently in, it’s always handy to have a couple of lightweight and flowing maternity dresses in soft pastel colours. These are convenient for every occasion whether you have a meeting in the office, are out for lunch with friends or a special occasion like a birthday. With such a key item of clothing, you can easily dress it up with a chunky necklace and high wedges or dress it down with a pair of pumps and a belt to accentuate your bump.
  2. Another key item for this summer is the classic Maxi dress.  Maxi dresses are fantastic to wear in the summer heat giving you plenty of breathing space with an expanding waist line, which is versatile and compliments a growing bump. Bear in mind that a bump will hike up the hemline a few inches so opt for one that has extra length at the heels to avoid later disappointment.  For added effect, throw a light cardigan or shawl around your shoulders and wear with gladiator sandals or high taupe wedges. If you want to try a more casual look, the classic leather or denim jacket is always a keepsake.
  3. The trousers department is always an area of confusion for mums-to-be. When looking for summer pants, choose a light or airy material in either cotton or linen with a narrow stretchy panel on top that will sit under your belly.  There are also plenty of maternity jeans available online with an adjustable panel that you can use from early on in pregnancy until your due date.
  4. Also don’t throw out any of your pre-pregnancy clothes as you can always re-use them during this time. Why not take out your old white shirt (or even your partner’s) and wrap a brown belt around your waist to accentuate your bump. Denim shirts are also in fashion this summer and will look great teamed with a pair of black leggings and either converse or high heels.
  5. Finally accessories are always a pick me up! If you decide to choose a neutral and pastel palette for your main day-to-day wear, try and spice things up with a bright scarf or statement jewellery. If this still hasn’t put a smile on your face, try a new slant on your make-up with bigger eyelashes, neon nail-polish or a vibrant lipstick colour which is always a winner!