by: Sinead

Jack is still in crèche full time thank god! I’ll keep his routine like that for the next few weeks until I’m back up and running again, so at least he is entertained. Although some days it is proving difficult to get him out the door and in fairness to him why would he want to go when I’m at home with his new little sister? But once he eventually comes round to the idea, he is fine and loves it when there.

I worry about him and how the whole experience has affected him. The cracks are definitely starting to show. For example he has been potty trained for a while now (well we have the odd accident, but he was doing great), but this week he is having an accident if not multiple each day (the washing is endless!). Don’t get me wrong, he used to have the odd accident when he was too distracted to remember to go to the toilet, but this is different as it’s every day, but only when he’s at home (not in the crèche). I spoke to them in the crèche to get their opinion and apparently it’s completely normal and should only last a couple of weeks, while he adjusts to the new arrival. The poor little man, he loves her to bits, but she’s turned his world upside down!

On another note, cabin fever is setting in with me – a sure sign that I’m on route to feeling more normal again this week. The no driving for 6 weeks after a section, coupled with not being able to walk very far is driving me mad!!!