by: Sinead

So this is going to be my third pregnancy.

Pregnancy number 1: I opted for combination care under my GP and attendance at the local Holles Street satellite clinic where you are seen by the midwives and a consultant, who actually advised me at the time to stay in the public system and then on arrival at the hospital change to semi private. Which I did.

Pregnancy number 2: I just stayed in the public system, again attending the same local clinic so I didn’t have to travel into Holles St for every appointment. On arrival at the hospital I remained a public patient.

There was absolutely no difference in the level of care received (and on this pregnancy I ended up having to attend Holles St for a good few extra scans because of the appearance of an echogenic bowel at my 20week scan) or the type of accommodation that I was given (I was in a room with 5 other women both times).

So pregnancy number 3: it’s a no-brainer – I booked myself back into the local clinic under the public system. I have no choice but to have a c-section again (it’ll be my third). The thoughts of 3 nights (thankfully I am in the catchment area for early release so I can leave after 3 nights rather than 5 after a c-section) in a hospital ward again is just horrific but I just can’t justify paying the private fees just to have my own room when I’ve found the care fabulous to-date (my own room would be amazing though – maybe I’ll win the lotto next week!). Ahhh…the thoughts of it all. I just can’t let myself think about it – it’s not only an endurance test on your body with the recovery, but its also an endurance test on your mind too (sleep deprivation is cruel), ha ha!!!

I’m loving the new ‘Midwives’ programme though, the timing couldn’t be better! My husband just can’t understand why I’d watch such programmes, as he always seems to walk in just as I’m in floods of tears, but I love it and ‘One born every minute’! What do you think? Are you as hooked!? Fair play to the families involved, I’m not sure I’d want a camera following me at those very personal moments!