by: Gillian

I caught my youngest daughter walking on the OUTSIDE upstairs window sill the other day, coaxing her friend to walk on the opposite window sill!!! I still cringe when I think about it!!

But it also got me thinking about all the safety measures I need to re-instate for the arrival of the baby. There’s the obvious things like the stair gates, (which will have the dual benefit of stopping the dog having a wander upstairs too) and the safety caps for the plugs. It’s the things that we don’t even think about as a family at the moment that worry me, the girl’s playroom is my absolute nightmare, tiny sylvanian teacups, or harry potter Lego pieces, the jars of glitter glue, all choking hazards or poison to tiny little inquisitive hands.

I have decided I will put away a full day to properly baby proof the house, I might have to wait until 2 little ladies are out playing (not on window sills!!) so that toys which haven’t been played with in years can be quietly disposed of.