by: Jen

You may have seen on Facebook last week that we launched some recipe videos on our YouTube channel. I recorded these videos with chef and mum of twins, Ciara in her house in Co. Wicklow. We had so much fun making all the recipes and recording the videos – neither of us had ever done anything like that before! Ciara runs regular cookery demonstrations and classes from her kitchen – you can check out her Facebook page here

We wanted to make the recipe videos to show everyone that cooking healthy meals for yourself and for baby doesn’t have to be complicated. We tried to keep the recipes as simple as possible while still being delicious! We also know that many mums are completely daunted by the prospect of weaning and they aren’t sure what foods they can give baby so we are hoping the videos will be of some help.

My favourite on the day were definitely the Mini Chickpea Burgers. They would be delicious for all the family. The cameraman particularly loved the turkey, carrot and potato purée and finished off the whole thing!

To celebrate the launch we also gave away a weaning hamper and I hosted a weaning Q&A on our Facebook page. We got lots of really good questions – some of which are also regular questions on our Careline so I’ve posted a couple of the common queries below in case anyone missed the chat.

Don’t forget if you ever have any questions on weaning you can contact us at Freephone 1800 22 1234.

Hi my little guy is 10 months and have been doing well with weaning but I’d like some tips on some good finger foods for him please? Also is it safe to give him scrambled egg now and little cheese cubes? Thanks a mil 

Hi, that’s great that you’ve had a good experience with weaning so far. At 10 months they can be having firmer finger foods so cheese cubes are perfect. Also try unsalted crackers or rice cakes, fingers of toast with cheese, cooked broccoli or cauliflower florets, seedless grapes cut in half, a small bit of scone chopped up, little pieces of cooked meat such as chicken strips, veg sticks such as carrot parsnip or sweet potato are great with hummus – they love dipping! We have a lovely recipe in our pregnancy section for sweet potato fries – just remove the spices when making for baby and these would be perfect! Hope that gives you a few ideas. Scrambled eggs are perfect at this stage! They make a great breakfast or lunch or tea. Just be sure the eggs are well cooked. Chopping up veg and mixing it through the egg with a bit of grated cheese makes a great nutritious meal. You can also give a hard boiled egg with toast soldiers! Hope this helps.  Jen

How will I know when my girl is ready to start weaning! she’s a very hungry baby already?

 Hi, the latest guidelines recommend that weaning should begin at about 6 months of age and not before 17 weeks. You will see signs when she is ready to begin weaning such as she will be feeding more frequently and bigger volumes for a period of longer than a week (if less it could be a growth spurt), she will be watching you when you are eating, reaching out for foods you have, chewing and dribbling more than usual and she will be able to sit up with head control. It is important not to start before 17 weeks as their digestive system is just too immature before then. If she is younger than this and you feel like she is very hungry have a chat with your healthcare professional or give us a ring on 1800 22 1234 and we can go through a few tips with you  Hope that helps. Jen


Hi Jen, I have a 18 week old baby and started weaning as he’s a hungry bunny. On aptamil hungry baby food & have introduced sweet potato, carrot, pear & apple so far. When is it ok to start the recepies in the YouTube Chanel? Ie: turkey potato carrot purée? Thanks a mil x

Hi, you’ve made a good start, he’s had lots of variety so far. Remember to take it slowly as he is still quite young so just don’t increase the portion size too much yet – about 6tsp should be plenty per meal. However, meat is a perfectly safe food from the very beginning of weaning once it is well cooked. So if you feel like he is doing well then you can go ahead and try the turkey carrot potato puree today! It is a great one to start with as the meat is not too strong a flavour in it. All of the other recipes in our stage 1 wenaing section would also be suitable. Just be sure to blend them well still as foods need to very smooth at this stage. Let us know how you get on  Jen

Hi Jen, I have just started weaning my baby! He’s 5 months, I have been giving him 2tsp of baby rice in the morning with water since lst Friday, could I mix some pear in it? Also he has 5 8oz btls a day but still seems Hungary! Is it too early to go to twice a day?

 Hi there,  thanks for your question. Yes you can absolutely mix some pear into it once he has had it on its own for about 4 days first. After about a week you can introduce a second meal so maybe tomorrow! It is a good idea to give a veg puree next. So just don’t introduce the new flavour of pear and a second puree on the same day as it is a good idea to leave at least a day between new foods just so you can keep track if he has any reaction to certain foods. Maybe try the plain rice tomorrow morning and then a veg puree in the afternoon, then on Saturday or Sunday try the rice with pear for breakfast and another puree in the afternoon  Portion sizes should be about 6 tsps for now and then about 5-10tsps after you’ve been on solids for a little while. There is a recipe here for apple baby rice you can follow this but substitute other fruits if you prefer! The amount of milk for now is perfect but should start to decrease naturally over the next little while as solids increase. Hope that helps.  Jen