by: Sinead

Since coming home from holidays I decided it is definitely time to pay more attention to my own diet. I am great at making sure my little boy eats well (I mean as well as can be expected for a toddler, they all go through fussy days but I’m ok with that once he eats well on a good day), but I really need to give more focus to my own diet. Working as a nutritionist I am very conscious of the importance of my diet during pregnancy and how it affects this little growing baby inside me. I always take a daily antenatal supplement (well that reminds me I need to buy more!) so that is some reassurance. This week my goal is to make a conscious effort to eat more fruit (little steps is the aim of the game!), I’m bad at it, not because I don’t like fruit – I love fruit, its sheer laziness that’s all. As for the rest of my diet, its work in progress! The fruit might help my sweet tooth with any luck.

I also need to start being more active again, I was always very active on the sports front, but since I was so sick and so tired at the start of this pregnancy exercise has taken a back seat. So now that I am feeling good again and have loads of energy, it’s definitely time to a least get out walking.

This led me to think about when the baby arrives and having a toddler too and the logistics of getting out for a walk with both of them. I’ve noticed that getting Jack to sit in a buggy is getting harder and harder these days and by the time the baby comes I know it’ll be a struggle, so I’ve started to do some research. If I’m going to be able to get out for a walk whilst on maternity leave, I have to check out my options.

I don’t want to waste money on a double buggy if when it comes to it, he wont sit in it and we end up walking at a snail’s pace cause he wants to walk too and I also have a vision of me having to abandon the buggy (and baby) to chase after him down the road…ahh!! I know there are buggy boards etc., but I’ve read that they can kind of get in the way of you pushing the buggy?  I came across one solution that looks kind of fun for a toddler, not sure how practical it is for narrow paths but worth a go. Unfortunately, it isn’t made anymore but there always seems to be a few for sale on the likes of ebay etc. It’s the Bibi Swiss strolli rider, has anyone any experience of one of these? My son will be around 2 ½ years old by the time number 2 comes along. The idea is that they sit on this bike-like buggy attachment at your side so you’re still in a comfortable position while pushing the buggy? Decisions, decisions…..