by: Pippa

I had always thought that the biggest change in life was going to be with my first pregnancy. For some reason, I thought that once you had started on this track of babies and children, that each pregnancy was going to be pretty similar. How naïve was I.

Pregnancy Number Two is just so different, in so many ways. Here are just a few, in comparison to the first time around:

Levels of interest

Pregnancy #1:

At social events, I had to answer repeatedly the same questions as each person initiated conversation. No question or chat didn’t refer to my pregnancy in some shape or form. Received copious amounts of unwarranted and often conflicting advice.

Pregnancy #2:

No pregnancy references in the vast majority of chats, in fact usually told after any meal that there was probably uncooked egg in the dessert, which I had just eaten. On the upside, had a range of conversations about lots of really interesting subjects!


Pregnancy #1:

Not a thing touched my lips that I was in doubt about. Not a single coffee drank. Despite my caution, there was still many a moment worrying about if I really should have eaten that, which usually resulted in me checking a book (still avoided Googling things as it usually was home to many an unpleasant result!).

Pregnancy #2:

Pretty good adherence to the general rules – definitely no raw meats, no unpasteurised cheeses, no raw eggs. Breakfast included a one shot Americano which was essential to get me through the day. (It’s going to be fun to see if there’s any impact with that on baby…)


Pregnancy #1:

Religious adherence to vitamin taking and copious water drinking.

Pregnancy #2:

Big wins in a day was remembering to take pregnancy vitamins and having a glug of water if I could remember it.


Pregnancy #1:

Home from work, ate dinner, spent the rest of the evening napping on the couch, usually checking the books to see if I really should have eaten that thing earlier.

Pregnancy #2:

Home from work after crèche run, tried to scoff some dinner into me after enticing a little girl to eat some pasta while cleaning up the endlessly spilt water, spent the rest of the evening on the floor at a pretend tea party before wrestling a small octopus into bed. Five minutes after snoozing was heard from a cot, I staggered to my own bed.


Pregnancy #1: Minimal levels of guilt. Bigger priority was managing the fear of what was exactly was going to happen.

Pregnancy #2:

Fear overtaken by major amounts of guilt – guilt for my daughter who was now going to have to ‘share’ her parents’ undivided attention with a newborn. In particular guilt for my husband who in the last part of my pregnancy was stuck with a whirling dervish of a toddler, an overly full-time job, and a guilt-wracked ever-slowing wife to juggle.


The greatest difference is just how quickly this pregnancy is going. With Pregnancy #1 I could have nearly told you every day, every week as it passed. This time around, it feels like it’s gone from a pregnancy test to packing a hospital bag in around 3 weeks. A consequence of this is there has been a lot less agonising this time around. There simply isn’t the time.

What is the same is the incredulity. The wonderful incredulity about bringing another new life into the world. Incredulity about how exactly we are going to do this – though this time around, it’s about how we’ll be juggling a newborn (knowing all that this means) while also having a toddler careering around the house. Wish us luck.