One of the nicest times in pregnancy is when your baby bump first starts to appear. It is the first visible sign of your baby growing and for many women, it can be the first time they really start to feel pregnant.

We get lots of questions from mums-to-be asking why other people’s bumps are bigger/smaller/neater etc. The answer is every pregnancy is different!

Take mums-to-be of the moment Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian.  Both are currently around the 30 week mark but have had completely different pregnancies and baby bumps. Kate’s tiny bump has started to become more pronounced, while Kim’s baby bump has always seemed larger.

This is very common and some of the questions we get asked a lot are:

  • When will my baby bump start showing?
  • My friend/celebrity is at the same stage in pregnancy as me but my bump is not as big/small – is my due date wrong?
  • My bump is much bigger this time around – why?

Here are some of your questions answered:

  • No two pregnancies are the same so it is normal for your bump to be bigger/smaller etc than the person next to you in the hospital waiting room.
  • When you will start to show is hard to tell. Some people can start to show towards the end of their first trimester while others may not start to show until they are well into their second trimester.
  • You may find that you start to show earlier on your second pregnancy than your first.
  • Usually your due date will not be off by too much and if worried your doctor will be able do another scan to check.

If you have any questions about your pregnancy, why not get in touch with our midwife Sinead.