There are lots of things that you can do with your new baby while on maternity leave but one recent offering we all love here is ‘Parent and Baby’ cinema screenings.

If going to see a movie in the cinema was one of your favourite things to do, you might be finding it hard to find the time with a new baby – between having to find a baby sitter etc. It is so much easier to just bring baby along.

In the beginning only a few cinemas were doing it but now there are ‘Parent and Baby’ movie screenings popping up all over the country. Usually showing the latest movie; the lights are turned up, the sound turned down and no-one will glare at you if your baby cries! It is also a nice way to meet other local mums & dads as many provide free tea & coffee.

Here are some cinemas we found that are currently running these events but do check with your local cinema and leave a comment below if your local cinema runs one as well. (Dublin & Wexford) (Dublin) (Dublin) (Galway) (Dublin, Kildare, Cavan, Limerick, Laois, Waterford)

What do you enjoy doing on your maternity leave?