by: Gillian

As you begin to bloom into your pregnancy suit, a few things start to change around you… firstly people start to think that rubbing your belly is ok, one person (a male) actually said to me it was like a magnet that he couldn’t help himself! Luckily I know him well enough to quickly put him in his place. I think I might have taught him a life lesson on behalf of all pregnant women in the world! You can thank me later…

The second thing is the eating disorder comments that are starting to infiltrate my world. The other day in work, after the Easter gorging of chocolate, someone brought in a leftover packet of mini crème eggs, now I must admit that I did partake in ONE! However, when the speed with which the eggs were consumed was noticed; “THE PREGNANT ONE” quote – unquote, was blamed!

Even better, again in work (I’m seeing a pattern!!) we were all attending a bake off, where one employee competes against another with beautiful baking delights, and we all pay €2 in order to vote, which goes to charity. Whilst walking into the canteen, another (male) colleague suggested that I pay double as I will no doubt be eating twice as much as everyone else.

It’s lucky I’m not the sensitive type… sniff…..sniff….

Have you had any insensitive things said to you while pregnant?