by: Sinead

Every night I go to bed and say to myself ‘please don’t happen tonight – I’m just not ready yet’ Not ready, is an understatement!! Not mentally ready or practically ready, ha ha!

I found myself up in the attic the other morning….I know I know, 9 months pregnant and up in the attic not ideal and I was being told by my husband too don’t worry! I had to sort it out though, he couldn’t find any of the baby stuff (like the pram part for the buggy etc) and I couldn’t see through the mess to direct him, so there I was clambering over black sacks sorting them out in a neat and orderly fashion. We got everything down eventually that needed to come down….I spent the rest of the day finishing off Jack’s new room (which he loves and is delighted with himself being in there!) and sorting out the baby stuff! I was exhausted, my back was in bits, but I felt so much better knowing I was that bit closer to being organised!

Still have to pack my hospital bag…whoops!!!


Tomorrow is another day. Baby now you just hang on in there ok – Mummy is nearly ready!

I also need to catch a few more episodes of ‘One born every minute’! Get me in the right frame of mind! Anyone else addicted to that programme??