by: Pippa

It was a funny moment when I realized that my daughter was no longer keeping us awake, in fact it was highly likely that our shufflings around the room as we got in and out of bed and the possible snoring adult interludes during the night were negatively affecting her sleep.

So at around five months, we started to think about moving her to her nursery. While it was the room right beside our bedroom, it felt like she was off to college in another county to be honest. How funny you get adapt to the arrival of a baby in your bedroom – and how quickly you cannot think of life without her bed there and the accompanying little (and not so little) noises at night. But we were going to try and do that very thing and move her next door.

We slowly but surely started the transition – zipping up her co-sleeper bed so she was not able to gawp at us all the time, then putting her into her big cot for day time naps. Swopping her co-sleeper for her big cot in our room so she got used to the bed soon followed before finally, finally moving her big cot into her room for her first night sleep.

Each one of these steps were done so carefully and thoughtfully. Chats were had about what was next and soon we were there at that momentous night were she was to sleep on her own. When both of us brought her up that night (and of course it was both of us to do this), kissed her and placed her carefully into her cot, and after we closed the door, I burst into tears at the emotion of it all, of finally hitting this major milestone in her journey.

And the next night? One of us did the night time routine and popped her up to bed. No tears, no major chats. It was like it was always that way. Why? Because were already onto the next thing for discussion, starting solids.

It’s something I’m definitely finding with parenting. How the path ahead the next ‘big thing’ looks very long and winding, but when you look behind you, it was just a flagstone or two in length. In the eternal words of Meatloaf, objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are.

How right you are Meatloaf, how right you are.