by: Sinead

The days of being able to leave the house and only have to worry about nappies and milk feeds are gone unfortunately…ahhh!!!! But it’s needed; Jessica has been waking at ridiculous times at night lately looking for a feed. So with my blender at the ready, weaning recipes out and highchair taken down from the attic, we have lift off! All going well so far, I started with baby rice and every 2-3 days am introducing a new vegetable and although she is only taking small amounts she is back sleeping again, so that little bit extra is doing the job thankfully. She’s 5 ½ months now so in fairness guidelines state around 6 months (just not before 17 weeks), so its time.

Orange stains are the bane of my life yet again, so if anyone out there has a good tip for that one please share, as honestly she is the messiest I have encountered yet. I just know her clothes are going to be destroyed as we progress to more complex dishes, ha ha!