by: Gillian

Meet Ziggy, he’s our basset hound. Santa brought him 4 years ago to the girls and a better pet I could not have asked for. I don’t think I have heard him growl once, even when Eanna took to riding him like a pony when she was 2, long basset ears are perfect rein replacements!!

But he was the last into the house, and the girls were 2 & 4 when he arrived, so I am a little bit nervous about the arrival of the latest bundle. How will he take to the baby? I really don’t think he will be jealous, but you just can’t take the risk.

I have been doing a little research online, and there are some good suggestions, like getting him accustomed to the baby chairs and buggies and one website suggested that you bring a blanket home from the hospital when the baby is born to get him used to the smell of the imminent arrival.

One tip which I will be doing is bringing him to the vet for a full MOT before the baby comes, health checked, nails cut, & boosters up to date.

If anyone has had the same experience and has any tips for me, I’d love to hear them. (Tips for basset hound slobber too also much appreciated!!!)