by: Sinead

Having always been a very active person and involved in team sports, I was dying to get back doing something (and I gave up on the belly bandit after about a week or two, as it became too uncomfortable!). So I enrolled in a local mother and baby fitness class and I love it! I felt great afterwards, full of energy. The lovely thing also about the class is that they provide tea/coffee after, so it’s nice to sit and chat with other women going through the same things as you.

I’m definitely going to keep going to the mother and baby class at least once a week and I started going to exercise classes in my local gym in the evening with a friend of mine. I won’t lie – they are definitely tougher than the mother and baby class and I nearly got sick after the first one, ha ha! But it was just a shock to the system, ha ha!

So that’s me back exercising…but it’s not just me! If I’m exercising we all are! Where they hold the mother and baby fitness class, they also do a toddler exercise class for 1.5-3yrs! As soon as I saw it I enrolled Jack. That’s one morning of entertainment guaranteed each week. It’s based on gymnastics, he’s only been once so far, but after the initial shyness there was no stopping him, he didn’t stop jumping!

There are loads of classes all over Ireland. I did a quick search for you, see below: (also ask at your local health centre, as some local classes are often advertised there too)

Wicklow: (on maternity leave until 17th June)

Dublin: (on maternity leave until 17th June)

Cork: (on maternity leave until 17th June)

Galway: (on maternity leave until 17th June)