by: Sinead

With the change in the weather lately I’m finding myself looking for more ideas to entertain Jack when we’re at home. He is into ‘Pirates’ at the moment so I searched online for an easy to make pirate hat! I’ve included a link to a step by step guide with pictures and a template, just in case you have any budding pirates at home.

We made it the other day and he was delighted with himself. I also found a fake moustache that I had from a Halloween costume that was never used – well the excitement was hilarious! So with that I decided to draw a treasure map (i.e. a map of the back garden with a big ‘X’ on it where I had hidden a box with treasure in it). Now the treasure we also made (killed another 10mins, ha ha!) out of cardboard and tinfoil, to make silver coins.

I must have had to hide it 15 times throughout the day – it was a winner!

Also, take a look at one of my fellow blogger’s Orla old posts for more ideas .