by: Sinead

I went to bed early the other night, all set to relax and watch some TV, then suddenly this baby of mine decided to do summersaults inside me. I have never experienced anything like it. This never happened when I was pregnant the first time. Now maybe it is a normal thing and it didn’t happen to me the first time because my son was breech quite early on and never budged from that position??

I could practically see a fist bulging out and constant waves up and down from various limbs – my poor stomach!!  I’ve included a video just in case you don’t believe me.

Is this normal around the 28 week mark?? Honestly, this pregnancy is like it’s my first as Jack just used to kick but not roll around like this. Also, I do feel like I’m first time pregnant again facing into the idea of a natural birth too…ahhh! Denial is a wonderful thing, ha ha!

Needless to say I didn’t watch much TV that night as was transfixed on my stomach and didn’t want to move to get my husband in case it stopped. It did stop eventually, but I’m glad I videoed it on my phone, something I can show this little ball inside me later down the line.