by: Gillian

Ok so the title is a little dramatic, but there are times when it does feel this way!

I have looked it up online and there is an array of reasons that it can be happening

  • My uterus is pushing up against my lungs
  • The extra weight I am carrying can be a strain
  • When you are pregnant, although you don’t take more breaths you take deeper breaths (or something like that!)
  • Nasal blockage, common in pregnancy, makes it harder to take a deep breaths

I am due to visit the doctor tomorrow so I will follow up then, but it does lead to an uncomfortable situation when it happens. I have a giant fan on my desk now, so at least it makes me look a bit Hollywood with the windswept look!

My other way of dealing with it is to find a distraction. I can’t get up and walk around, because I feel light headed, so I generally make a phone call so that I am thinking about it less, maybe this means it is partly in my head, but I find it so uncomfortable and it slightly panics me as I feel I am being deprived of oxygen.

If anyone else has this symptom and has advice for this drama queen, I’d be very glad to get it.

I suppose I could always start breathing like Darth Vader! “BUMP, I AM YOUR MOTHER!!”