by: Pippa

So Daughter 2 ended up being another C-Section, which meant another five days in hospital. I had done this already. I should know how to do this. But I totally forgot a fair few things…. And some top tips that I didn’t!

Top things I didn’t forget….

The small toiletry bag

There are just some small things that – if you can remember – are just lovely to do for yourself in those first few days. I found having a small toiletry bag right beside you on your locker (containing a nail file, hand cream, a small water spray for your face, Multimams and nipple cream) was just wonderful. It meant that the odd time when you had a spare moment and wanted to freshen up, you could and make yourself feel much better. Well it worked for me!

Baby’s first bag

That crucial separate bag at the top of your hospital bag that has three things in it – one nappy, one vest and one babygro. I learned this the last time when my husband destroyed the hospital bag hunting for these as I was in recovery from C-Section. This time around, I had a little bag with the holy trinity of these three items placed right at the top for easy access. Worked a treat.

A photo of my daughter

Don’t know if you are like us but all our photos are on our phones, rather than in frames around our house. In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I ended up in a chemist and on a whim, I printed off a few photos of my first daughter. Then when packing my bag, I stumbled across a frame and chucked two of those photos in there and packed it. A simple thing but it really floored me just how much I looked at that frame while in hospital. It was just gorgeous to have Daughter 1 with me while Daughter 2 arrived. It was really special – and something I’d recommend!

How little you need to bring with you

This time around, my hospital bag was around half the size of the first visit. What I ended up doing was really thinking about what I needed in the first 24 hours, rather than the whole thing. Within this first bag, there was ‘arrival stuff’ and then ‘my hospital stay stuff’. To be honest, when going into hospital, all I really brought with me was the arrival stuff – the rest stayed in the car, and my husband went and got it once Daughter 2 and I were set up in our hospital bed. And it worked a treat.

I had also got ‘extras’ of stuff – you know, breast pads, nappies, and those giant big granny pants that you wear for the first while – all at home so I could ask my husband to bring in extras if I needed them. As opposed to the first time when I lumped all of it into hospital with me.


…And three things I totally overlooked.



A pretty basic error but when I made nonetheless. Yup, totally forgot a towel of any description at all. Kindly, the nurses were able to help me out and supply me with something, albeit it was pretty thin and crispy from a lot of washing. But hey, it was a towel! Take note, towels are a lovely essential and very useful if they are of a dark colour. Not to say there is any major accidents but you have just had a baby…


This was another shocker for me, as I told enough new mums after my first daughter the benefit of having a clock near you when you’re breastfeeding. I couldn’t believe I forgot such a basic in my essential hospital pack. Why a clock you say? Well when your two hands are managing breastfeeding, a clock is terribly useful so you can keep an eye on the timelength of a feed without having to hit a button on your phone or twist your wrist to see your watch. It’s a simple but useful trick. That I forgot.

The size of a newborn’s bum

My goodness, their bums are small. It’s like a cat’s bum. Now, it fills out pretty quickly but those first few days raised a bit of a laugh for me.